Monday, March 15, 2021

Chalo na fir se bachpan jeete hain

 Chalo na firse bachpan jeete hai 

Chalo na firse choti choti baaton pe zor zor se haste hai 

Chalo na kahipe bhi chalke khoob khush hote hain aur usko picnic naam dete hai 

Chalo na kisi bhi baat ko yaad kar karke has haske aankhon me aansu leke aate hai

Chalo na roz khelte samay girte hai aur jaldi se uthkar fir khelne lagte hain

Chalo na dosto k saath din dinbhar khelne k baad ghar aate hi kal ke khel ki planning shuru karte hain 

Chalo na roz sone ke pehle bhagwan ji khush hokar thankyou bolke sote hai 

Chalo na firse bachpan jeete hai!! 

Swarachit kavita 

Aise hi mann aaya toh likh diya 😇

Do give the credits if you feel like sharing it !! 




Friday, March 6, 2020

Domestic violence - 1

Witnessed a domestic abuse case yesterday.

Had gone to a friend's place to give her a surprise.
Their family looked worried because of the loud noises coming from their next door neighbours since morning.

The noises were coming since morning. It was afternoon 1pm when I went there. The husband had probably hit the wife because she was sobbing uncontrollably and was sitting in the verandah alongwith her 3 year old son. He kept telling her curtly to come inside the house and she kept refusing.

When the husband went inside, me a my friend gathered the courage to ask her in a soft tone if she needed help. She replied that she doesn't want any help and that we should not interfere. And while that husband was inside he kept talking to some people over the phone telling them

" I am a violent person, I might do something if she instigates me '
' Bina purush ke rehne wali stree ko samaaj mein Kya kehte hai, yeh jaante ho na AAP, samjha dena isko'
' Iski himmat bahut badh hai hai '

Because somewhere deep inside we knew that if we would interfere, he might actually start physically abusing her right in the verandah.

We went inside and it was then I came to know about a few facts.
1) Husband and wife both are well qualified and earn well.
2) The husband doesn't satisfy any of his responsibilities towards the son - handling him, dropping him to some place taking him the the doctor etc.
3) The husband is very regular with drinks and smoking and twice a week is shouting at his wife for some unknown reason.
4) The wife's parents came to stay there once every month (since past 3 months ) thinking that this woulf modify the husband's behaviour .

I came back from there very upset. Because I couldn't do anything. My head kept spinning...

I had so many questions in my mind..

1) When parents know that their son is violent or is not ready for taking any responsibility why do they get him married.
2) If the Male member knows that he is not ready for the responsibility - why did he not take necessary precautions so that his wife wouldn't get pregnant. And even if she had conceived, he could have got the child aborted. Making the child see all these abuses is the worst thing to do to a child.
3) If he is so independent why doesn't he send his wife to her parents place.
4) Why is the female not taking any action!
5) Why are her parents not taking any action?
6) Why did she not realise all this when she was pregnant ?!?!

But all these will always be questions


Jo mann mein aaye kehta hai..

aur chup raho toh sanskaari aur samajhdaar kehta hai..

Aap shayad is bhadra samaaj le rakshak hai, Aap beti ko zaroor sanskaari aur samajhdaar kehlaana pasand karenge hai na ? 

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Human touch

You can dominate a person
for sometime

If you are so focussed on getting your work done by hook or by crook.. by taunts and by brickbats .... 
You only get the work done
Yes !
You loose the human touch

The touch that you should've given them before.

It's okay if some work is left ..
Don't make people leave you
There is nothing bad than loosing someone.