Thursday, February 17, 2011

Is duniya mein jahan kuch nahi chalta vahaan shukra hai...

Is duniya mein jahaan kuch nai chalta vahaan shukra hai _ _  _ _ _ _ _ toh hai...
and then these lines spring to my mind......


Yes you got it right, I am talking about the soap : Le Sancy
How many of us remember the soap and its ad?

I can remember only one advertisement -

The one that showed a small boy dancing instead of having bath while the water from the shower kept falling on the soap..BUT the soap did not melt or get soggy, and then came the line that I mentioned above


I feel so Nostalgic on repeating couldnt help writing out once more.. :P

Today when I was thinking about advertisements at random, these lines again came to my mind and I thought why not search something about this soap..which I used to like (i still remember it was among the costly soaps...)

My internet research shows that there were two advertisements for the same.

The soap had been launched in India by Hindustan Lever now known as Unilever.

The older Le Sancy campaign had been running for 20 years across the planet. And Unilever was desperately seeking a new idea  "quality that lasts" + replace the ageing girl-in-a-bath routine. Piyush Pandey, executive creative director, O&M, and his team came up with the idea that was finally accepted. "Le Soggy" said the headline for a generic soap in the print ad, contrasting it against "Le Sancy" to convey the message simply and universally: that the Lever soap doesn't melt as easily as others, and lasts longer. Commercials contrasted Le Sancy against things that don't last—water in the taps for young boys to have fun, maids for housewives to have peace of mind(Neither do I remember this nor was I able to find its video on youtube, Infact Me and my husband had a discussion wherein He came out as the one having a better memory because He remembers 2 advertisements and I only 1 :(( }. Pandey felt that the idea behind these typical Indian situations can be extended to any market.

I wonder why the soap didn't work out..although that was a perfect thing for the Indian public...Same soap that would last quite longer than the usual one..! Such a good thing in the name of Savings... Right?

Anyways that was just a peep into an out of the memory product. . .that had undoubtedly a Fabulous advertisement...
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