Friday, January 20, 2012

An angel who offered us Lift in his Car

Hey everyone!

Hope you all ave been doing great as always :) M here to share another interesting incident of my life.

This goes back to 2003 in between May-June.
I had given my entrance exams for MHSc Nutrition and was awaiting the results. As expected I had cleared the entrance exam of Nirmala Niketan, which sadly none of my friends did. (We were four of us who had given entrance exams for MHSc - Shikha, Dutta, Manju and Me)

I was obviously bursting with joy since I was very much keen in getting an admission in Mumbai :)
Mumbai rains and their nature are known by everyone..If not by personal experience by other people's  experiences.

As it was raining heavily in Mumbai we felt it was safer if we reached a day earlier, So I left with my Father a day prior to the date of interview and reached Mumbai on evening to join my Chachi who was already staying at Shantidoot Hotel in Dadar East because of her Chemotherapy sessions.

It kept pouring the whole night. The next morning when me and Papa got ready, It Was Still Pouring!

But how much had it poured the previous night dawned on to us only when we stepped out of the hotel. the water was knee deep, obviously we had to fold our clothes above the knee... This was just the beginning...

As we moved ahead we realized that the water levels kept rising, and the highest level I remember is the water was 3 inches above my knee level. Still we managed to somehow drag ourselves and move further. A gentleman walking beside us somehow realised that we were Non-Mumbaikars and advised us

"Zara dhyaan se chalneka.....kuch Manholes ka dhakkan khula reta hai"

I am really Thankful to him till date. After that we started walking even more slowly and carefully and reached a Flyover only to realise (after a discussion with few people out there) that we would not get any TAXIs to Central. We had kept a margin of 3 and half hours... but heavy downpour and not getting a Cab would worsen our woes, still me n Papa kept walking over the bridge and reached the mid of it.

Now What? Where to go? We stopped there for a few minutes and were thinking when an Old Maruti 800 (Green colour) stopped by us and a Gentleman clad in his Formals and wearing Silver rimmed spectacles (must be in his 30's)
opened the window and asked Papa "Sir, Kaha jaana hai aapko"

Papa: "Nirmala Niketan jaana hai, bacchi ka interview hai "
Gentleman: "Sir Main aapko Central tak drop kar sakta hoon, vaha se aapko Cab mil jayegi, yaha se toh aapko door door tak kahi Cab nai Milegi"

Papa: "Okay"

As if we had an option. Without much thinking we accepted his offer. He seemed to be a very humble person, while driving he guided Papa about how to go ahead from where he would drop us and by the time he had explained us the route to reach Nirmala Niketan, we already reached the point where he would drop us. We thanked him although Thanking for Just simply Not Enough for this kind gesture of His...

(He and Papa exchanged their names for Intro..but I donot remember his name)

He wished both of us - All the Best :) and left.

 We took the route and means of transport suggested by him and reached our destination On Time!

Aah! for me he was God sent, He was an angel! If he would not have offered us the Lift, there was no way we could have reached Nirmala Niketan On time!

After this incident my respect for Mumbaikars increased tremendously! And Yes Since then I always make it a point that on my way to a certain place, If I can be of some help to someone in need, I surely do my bit.
And I guess thats what all of us should do :) What say?

Prendre Soin (Take Care)