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My experience of 1st Anaemia Awareness camp(of 2012) at SVNIT Surat

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Just a brief introduction: I am a Diet & Nutrition Consultant by Profession and was associated with FOGSI (Federation of obstetric & Gynaecologists of India) in their campaign of Anaemia Awareness.
And precisely this was the reason I had been to SVNIT Girls Hostel.. Oh well SVNIT stands for - SARDAR VALLABHBHAI PATEL NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. My sincere Thanks to Dr.Sanjay Shah the Head of the Health Department at SVNIT.

I had almost 125 students for the lecture and a few Staff Members.

I really enjoyed giving the lecture primarily because it was the first time I was conducting a lecture from 9:15pm-10:15pm and secondly because the students Did Ask Questions in the end!

I remember one of our faculty Mr.Jimmy Kapadia (in MBA) who used to say: 'You people don't have any questions? No questions means Either you understood Everything Or you didn't understand ANYTHING, And usually the latter that holds true'

The lecture started with the FOGSI Anthem, my brief introduction ( Yes I had purposely asked them to keep it in just 2 lines)
The lecture as usual to over by before the scheduled time.. I have this habit of finishing my lectures usually  Before Time! This gives me a bit of extra time to interact with students and answer their queries And Yes I can very well detect the relaxed look on the face of the students as soon as they hear : "Okay we are done for the day"

Although the students were not very quiet and disciplined (what else would you expect from a batch of students after a tiring day!) during the entire lecture but they weren't non-manageable either!

After my talk Dr.Sanjay Shah had a talk of 7 minutes and although I was aware of the fact that SVNIT invests a lot of money for Students Health but to this extent I hadn't even imagined! The Health Department was ready to provide girls with
1) Iron- Folic Acid supplements on a regular basis But with the condition that they would not be given to the students to carry instead they will have to take those tabs in the Mess itself.
2) Deworming tablets with the same condition.
3) Complete Blood Count checked at a very Nominal Rate.
4) Make changes in the Mess Food Plan to adjust with these nominal deficiency problems (Obviously they asked me to do that)
         But the whole point here is that the College is so eager to help out the students especially in such an aspect which majority of students face who are staying in hostels.
I have given them a Thumbs up! Lets see when things materialize...

         Overall I thoroughly enjoyed giving the lecture..I had taken Anaemia Awareness camps in 2 schools - Lourdes Convent  & Lancers Army and 1 college- SNDT Commerce College located in Surat in 2009.

And this time it was my initiative to call Institutes and ask them if they were willing to conduct such activity.
Although I knew Dr.Sanjay being super enthusiastic about Health of students would be anxious to conduct it I didnt know it would be within 2 days of calling him!
Thanks a tonn Dr.Sanjay Shah for providing me this opportunity! Really look forward to see other colleges espcially NIT's to follow SVNIT's footsteps.

Here are a few pictures

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  1. :) like it...but your pics aint clear

  2. Hello Shaili! Well Yes I purposely kept those pictures that weren't very clear :) Good to know you are following both of my blogs!

  3. Very applaudable Nidhi. I must say, your programme was a great success.
    Rouf Zargar


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