Saturday, September 30, 2017

The extra-marital affair - Part 2

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After meeting her family which had her husband and 2 sons, at some social gatherings she realised that there was some relationship issue between the lady and her husband, which was very much evident, despite of the fact that both of them were successful career wise!

And then the UN-expected happened, she found out after cross-checking a certain facts that her husband was in a relationship with that lady and it was not a recent one but a seasoned one by now. 
Now her children were in their high-school, she barely had  time or energy left, after the part-time work and the responsibilities at home to confront this issue with her husband. And she kept on thinking "Oh, He's so good to me, he's so good to his parents and there couldn't have been a loving father than him for my children" 

She was now meeting several people for work and found out that such affairs was not something out of the blue in offices. There were quite a few people on good designations in her husband's company, who started giving her compliments for her looks, her style of work, her dressing sense, her way of talking, her management skills.. almost everything..

Compliments.. oh how she missed them.. getting compliments from other people versus your soulmate is something different. and whatever may the world say.. a female does have Huge expectations from her life partner ..and compliments are one of them. Many a times she couldn't stop herself from observing that her set of compliments were going to someone else, right infront of her!

She started consulting a Psychologist, thinking its only her fancies and weird imaginations which led her to believe she was a lesser being. She started on anti-depressants .. her health began to deteriorate.. her parents started wondering what happened to their charming and beautiful daughter all of a sudden!

One day when she was sitting all alone in the office, a good friend of her husband came to meet took her some moments to realise that this Gentleman who had come was trying to get close to her emotionally.. more so because he precisely knew everything.. everything about her husband's affair ... about her weak mental and physical state.. She was stunned! Is this how the world is! This Gentleman who had come to approach her was her husband's childhood friend and a frequent visitor to their home. She made an excuse and left for home. She muttered to herself - "Why didn't he stop his friend from taking the wrong step?" "And even if he didn't, from where did he get the guts to approach me in the same way?"

Thinking this she left the office... reached home, took an early dinner and slept! In the morning when she got up, she was a new person. She realised that no-one is wrong, neither her husband, not the Lady and even not the Gentleman! What was wrong was her expectations from the people to behave the way she thought was right.

She resigned from the office, started taking regular classes for Yoga and Meditation, started reading and joined classical dance classes, in short she started staying happy for herself! She could have taken drastic steps to confront her husband, or the lady or the gentleman ..but she didn't because she knew there was no way out. "Its a bad maze, with no end to it, and I am the most important family unit, without me, the family would break into pieces, the in-laws the beautiful children, I have to stay calm and manage everything" - This was the last thought that came to her mind when she slept that night.

Now its almost 25 years to her marriage. Nothing much has changed, the husband's extra marital affair is still On, children busy in their lives and jobs.. but despite of knowing all the facts as they are, she is still happy for herself.. because she knows - I have to be Happy for ME MYSELF MY OWNSELF 

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  1. Awesome...Very close to original occasion and incident...U have great power of imagination please keep continue to keep this in habit..May God send soulmate early who ever where ever meet u so everyone will be happy thanks


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