Saturday, September 30, 2017

The extra marital affair - Part 1

12 years in a marriage is a long time..
Blessed with twins - a boy and a girl and a doting husband she couldn't ask for anything more out of her marriage! In-laws which is usually a point of complaint for females, she was lucky in this respect also, as she was blessed with a good, caring and supportive joint family. There were so many people in the house, why would someone need to even move out to chit-chat or spend time.. it all happened conveniently within the family!

Mother in Law, Father in law, Husband's elder brother his wife and his 2 daughters, her small family unit and a sister in law who used to visit every year because she stayed abroad. There was a small servant's quarter just beside their house and the servants were available for all sort of domestic chores.

Business kept her husband very busy apart from the fact that there were so many days every month that he used to travel. Being a Masters in Finance, she knew she could become a useful hand in the business but since one partner should take care of the children, she decided to take the backseat. Dutifully she took care of everyone in the family and unlike normal cases she shared a very good camaraderie with her co-sister in-law too! Their frequent evening trips to the garden or to the market was something which kept both the females happy!

The elder brother got transferred to some other city and after a year his family unit moved on with him. She started feeling very lonely after that, but the children who were in the primary school by now were pretty much engrossed in their school and extra-curricular activities hardly got a time to miss their cousins. 

She had worked for sometime even before marriage but 12 years was a long time. With her husband's frequent travel trips happening, she decided to give work a shot. She joined his office on a part-time basis. This is what normally females do, start working as if they are obliging themselves by doing so, since they cannot reduce their dedicated time slots which have earlier been occupied by their families!

She started to give her husband advises over the phone and also over video-conferencing. She started to get a grip over her subject and she also managed to save some money which otherwise was going in random expenditures of the company. She was sensible enough to sense the good relationship between a female in the the board of Directors and her husband, and she was pretty comfortable with that. Slowly she began to realise that the frequency of trips of her husband and the female were becoming a regular affair.. or maybe it was the same even before she joined.. She thought to her self - "Oh please don't be silly, stop over imagining things"

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